Shall I compare thee to a rose

The summer of 2018 is turning into something that smells.  Let me think this through for the benefit of myself:

1-school ended on a high note…then I discovered no one would teach Biology summer school.  I am drafted.  Summer school is to last three weeks.  On the first Thursday of summer school I broke a jaw tooth off even with the root.  I will require oral surgery and an implant.  On the last Thursday of summer school I managed to get a catch in my back.   This is not unusual  since I fell out of the a tree at 34.  I ask my mate to pop my back as he has done for years.  He pulled me in and an awful snap was heard.

2-I wind up in ER and I am given meds to combat pain from ribs that have done something.  The next morning I have my daughter drive me to summer school.  I teach (I suppose) and then return home.    I start complaining that I feel like I have an ulcer in my eye.  I am on meds for pain and wonder how I can even feel anything.

3-Sunday my face turns into a world of pain.   I realize I have shingles developing around my right eye.  I have previous nerve damage to this eye and can’t believe this is happening.  I send my principal a picture of my eye and he asks that I not come and finish summer school.

4-The sores erupt around my right eye.  I feel as though my eye is melting.  I have forgone the pain meds by this point.   I am hurting all over and they are useless.  I hang around the house as I can’t go out into the 100+ degree heat without hurting more.   I have an allergic reaction to the only medication that helps with shingles.

5-I just realized that I have one month to get ready for the school year to start again.  I am not well and have only traveled to the ER, the dentist, and the doctor.    This vacation has been costly in more ways than I care to admit.

6-I am grouchy because I hurt.  I am grouchy because the pain is pervasive.  I can not tolerate any pain medication except tylenol.   Imagine if you will the efficacy of Tylenol on any of the pain I feel.   Oral surgery has been postponed until next week.

7- I will get well in time to be myself for school….For the first time ever “CAN SUMMER PLEASE STOP?”


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