tha freaks

So, around 2002 or so, I had a group of students that called themselves Tha Freaks.  This was just after Columbine and I found this troubling.  They had reached a point where their paths could go either way.  I was determined that they would head down the right path.

Other students were becoming concerned.  The principal announced that we had a “free dress day” on Friday.  One student came to talk to me.  Tha Freaks were planning on wearing all black and trench coats.  The talk was that they were going to “scare the sheep.”   They had not counted on the Shepard.

I contacted each teacher…the older the better.  I asked them to dress in all black and trench coats or long black dusters.  I also asked that they meet me in the front of CHS at 7:30.  Most of the teachers complied with my strange request.  They were used to my “methods” and strange requests.

7:45 came and the student body of CHS was standing behind a line of old ladies wearing black.   Tha Freaks came around the corner from the parking lot and stopped cold.  I raised one eyebrow and asked “Why are you guys trying to steal our thunder?”  I acted hurt.   I never let on that it was a plan or why it was taking place.

Tha Freaks muttered an apology.   They turned out to be some of the brightest and best students I have taught in 26 years.  It just took a change of clothes.


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