I hear the Bathroom calling my name

Last Tuesday I was trying to leave work when my cell phone rang.   I looked and it said “KW is trying to facetime. ”   I could not fathom why this would happen but I answered the call.

I soon realized I was seeing the inside of the teacher’s bathroom at my last school.  I recognized the tile and the cabinets.   I could not see anyone but I said “hello” to the tile.  I hear a small voice calling my name (or at least “gaga”).   I start waving AT THE TILE like a fool.

I said “Hey, Zac!”   I am still smiling at the tile and the cabinets.  I hear water running as he washes his hands.  I said “Zac” again.  Finally, the bathroom answered. “Gaga, I saw the ‘mom’ face time button and I knew it was you!  Mom is in a meeting.  I called you!”  I am still staring at the tile and smiling.  I said that I was so happy to hear his voice.  I explained that I thought I was supposed to see his face.   The call abruptly ended.

A few minutes later, I am in my car headed home when “KW Face Time” lights up again.  Zac has found his sister and she has shown him how to show his face and see mine.  The call was strange as I saw people and not the tile.  They expressed amazement that they could see the bridge I was on and the cars.  (I had my phone in it’s cradle on the dash)   After a few minutes they hung up and I drove on home.

This was the day The bathroom called my name…and I ANSWERED.  Well, because when the bathroom calls you best answer…


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