I teach a dual-enrollment class in the middle of the day.  Seniors that come and go during the day.

One of my quietest, sweetest, best young men came in late today.   I did not really think too much about it.  Gonna live to regret not looking real soon though.  I am up trying to answer questions and explain a concept to the other 15 seniors in the room.

I see M’s hand go in the air.  Without pausing I motion him to ask his question.

M: “Ms. B? Is it okay if I drop my pants?”

I pause (I bet my face was a study in confusion, painted in shades of consternation)   I think everyone in the room inhaled at once.  I am frozen in place.

Me:  “Um… What?”

M:  “Is it okay if I drop my pants?” Good Lord, that is what he said.

Me: “Uh”  (entire room: uh?)

M:  “I have on athletic shorts.  I need to ice my knee.”

Me:  “I believe I would have led with that Mac.  You should have started the conversation with that.  Yes.”

That just happened…


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