the Legend of Red Paw

Years ago my daughter owned the most cantankerous Boston Terrier ever born.  Lainie-Bug was the apple of her eye.  The dog could do no wrong.  I came in from school one day and thought there had been a massacre in my home.

There was red fluid in the dog beg, on the couch, the floor.  I went into full crime buster mode looking for splatters.   Then we all noticed that the Boston had one red paw.  She stood there sheepishly eyeing me.  I asked “What did you do?”  Obviously she made no reply.  Then I found a weapon…a red ink pen.  The legend of Red Paw was born.  Anytime something went sideways we searched the dog.

I was reminded of this yesterday.  The newest member of our household (also a Boston) stuck her nose in the green paint I was working with.  I yelled at my daughter to keep “Kermit the Dog” up front and let me work.  But no, this was not to be.  I had a dog helping me ever step.  That animal wiggled between me and the can.  She wiggled between me and the wall.  In short, where ever I needed space there was a dog.

Then I noticed this morning that the Dog Has A Green Butt.  The Legend of Green Butt is born.


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