my First Day of School 2015

9 hours before the start of school, I discovered my ex-ex-ex had been seeing his “friend” for the past year.  Backtrack.

Six years ago my ex told me had no place to go.  He had changed.  He wanted to come home.  Foolishly I allowed this thing.

I paid for everything for 6 years.  I took care of everything.  He had two strokes. I assured him I would care for him.

The mistake is thinking that because you have a heart the size of Texas that the other person does also.

I believe that this school year will be better because I am not dealing with my first (and only) husband.

This morning I missed him because I saw something on the news that I knew would stir him up.  I missed him so bad that I ran outside and THREW $400 worth of twenties over the fence.

This is not bitter, this is relief.   I am laughing.  BTW, I went and gathered up the money.  I may want to buy ME something.


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