Waht the Teacher Learned This Week

My 80 year old mother wanted her bedroom painted and decorated.  I thought we could hire the guy in the community that does rooms.  But no… My mom wanted me to do it.

One day of taping off and prepping.  One day of cutting in around trim molding, outlets, and switches.  Then one day to complete the painting.  Ten thousand bruises, one pulped finger, and sore muscles created the oasis of mom’s dream.

What I learned:  If you want it done right (with a minimum of trouble)  you should hire a professional.  Then I thought about the failed painters, lawyers, would-be engineers that are fielding the TFA movement.  If you want it done right  you should hire a teacher.   You get what you pay for.  Next time I will hire her a decorator and a painter.

On a side note, I also learned that when you get a new Boston Terrier and the breeder says “she is docile” you SHOULD NOT LISTEN!  Evidently the breeder had drugged the dog prior to my arrival.  In four days that dog has terrorized the Shih Tzu and the short evil dog that live here.  She has taken all the toys and placed them in her bed.  She has chewed into me, my books, and everything at puppy level.     I Think I Am In Love…


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