“I am that much of a gentleman…

lunchtime each and everyday I meet with the Sci-fi club in the library.  It is both sanctuary and confessional for the Herd.

JP and his best friend SP are rivals in everything.  If he scores one point higher in any academic subject – fights on.  JP criticizes her clothing, her make-up, her total look.  I asked him once if there was anything between them “No, my mom says I am going to marry MS (another herd member).  I don’t feel that way about SP.  SP loves the Ginger-Ninja.”

Friday of the last school week, JP tells SP her outfit is too suggestive.  I intervene to keep SP from beating him into the ground.  “Ok, you two are seniors.  Act like it.”

JP:  “We are, her outfit is too suggestive.”

Me: “Why?  She is covered with long sleeves, jeans, and a shrug over that.”

JP:  “the ‘shrug’ or cocoon is split in the back and emphasizes her butt.”

Me:  “Quit looking”   This should have ended the convo.  But no, SP has decided to take him to school.

SP: “Stupid,   You are not supposed to look.”

JP:  “I look.   We go to the beach, store, school, church, I LOOK.  I am a guy.  I look.  But, I am a gentleman.”

SP:  “We go to the beach and you are a gentleman?”

JP:  “Yes, you women go the beach and 90% of your body is uncovered.”  We all nod. “Well, I am such a gentleman I only look at he 10% or so that is covered.  Gentleman.”


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