The Squirrel Dam

I share students with the Spanish teacher.  I share the strange and ridiculous gene with the Spanish teacher.  Plus, well, the Spanish teacher is my child.  So, she shares the strange gene with the Chemistry teacher.  Last week the following occurred: Girl One:  So, all the water is gone from this reservoir?  And it left behind a dam?

Jordan H:  A dam.

Teacher:   Yes, dam.

Girl:  Where did the dam come from?  (teacher:  From made the dam?)

Jordan H:  A squirrel.

Girl:  Squirrels make dams?  Oh, yeah, where else would they come from?

Teacher:  beavers.  Beavers made the dams.

Girl:  Are you sure?

As the Spanish Teacher tried telling me the story with a straight face, I told her I was sure Jordan meant to say “fish.”  It just seemed right somehow.


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