Should You Have Children?

Louisiana had show and sleet last week.  We are not used to such madness.  No.  We are used to the heavens attempting to wash/blow us away.  We are used to all manner of wild and strange animals trying to feast on us while we are alive.  Since very few students managed to make it to Chemistry last Friday the following occured:

Student One (who is 19) – My boyfriend wants us to start a family.

Student Two – “WHAT? No, that is crazy.  You are about to graduate (we hope).  Why would you do that?”  This is all being whispered in a LOUD voice.

Student one- Ms. B, should you have children?

Me- Um, No.  And here is why…They will turn into teenagers.

Entire classroom inhales LOUDLY.  I feel the tide, so I wade in.

Me- Babies turn into teenagers.  That’s right.  They will sit on your couch, eat your food, and watch your TV while you are working.  They act like it it is their stuff.  Like they have a right to it.  (I start to see heads nodding, and grins)   That’s right.  They think it is their stuff.  All of it is theirs.   And did they work for it?

Students look at each other sheepishly.  They are all smiling.

Me – And then…On Friday night they want “the” car, and your money, and your gasoline to go out and do God-Knows-What.   All the time thinking it is their right.

First Student – Huh!  Teenagers act like we own that stuff.

Me – Right.  So Should you have children?

First Student – NO!  I am gonna work hard for that stuff.  I want my own junk.  They can work for their own stuff.

That’s right.   Give me enough time and I would stop pregnancies and put an end to entitled teens.

BTW, the entire classroom agreed with me that “we do all that junk.”  Huh.  At least they are self-aware of their behavior.


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