Thank goodness for google (and old age)

WAYYY back in 1995 I was teaching at a very small school.  How small?  Senior class was comprised of 24 brave souls.  I was young and still relatively “pretty.”

WAYYY back in 1995 students did not carry cell phones everywhere.  Students in 1995 did not google everything on the planet.  Students in 1995 did not wanelo, instagram, snapchat…you get the picture.  Students in 1995 DID go down to the video store which was 23 miles away.  23 miles away in the town that I call home.

WAYY back in 1995 I had a friend that worked at the video store.  (JG) JG is now deceased.

I received a call on the phone in my car on the way home from work on a Friday afternoon.  JG said that she had a rather delicate question to ask me.  I told her that she could ask away, that as a scientist nothing is off-limits.

“Well, um” JG sputtered “Well, um, have you got a video?”
“Turned them all in yesterday.  All early.”

“NO” JG warmed to the subject “Um, well, have you ever appeared in a video?”

“Why? Did I turn in a video of me and the kids?”

“No” JG goes silent for a moment “Not that kind. Did you ever appear in a porno?
“A what?  No. What?  No.  What????”

“One of your students was just in the video store asking for your tape.  He said that KB told him you were in a porno.”

“No.”  I sighed “But I might be on a crime show tomorrow.. .”

thank God that google exists so you can avoid the stupid in life.  Thank God for old age so you can not hear the stupid in life.  Thank God for the ability to totally ignore the silly things that teenagers do on a daily basis.

I still get a smile from the day I got asked about my “career.”  Miss you JG


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