The Spanish teacher is a tacaholic.  She also happens to be my child.  So the following (although horrible) is a tale that needs to be told.

During pregnancy two (or three?) I was asked to grab something from her purse for one of her numerous offspring.  “Where? What does it look like?” Then I paused. “Why is there half a nasty taco in your purse?”

Ms. W paused “Um. That was from the other night.  I finished most of it.  I guess I stuck it in my purse for later.”

“EWW. You have a problem”

Ms. W informed me that I WAS NEVER to talk  about this again.  She so did not have a problem.

Except that a few months later…”Why does your purse stink?”

Ms. W stopped cleaning a kid “Uh. Well, I guess I left a taco from taco bell in my bag.”

I informed her that this was now a pattern of behavior and could not be overlooked.  She said that I NEVER NEEDED to talk of this again.

But…a few months later I found part of a taco in the concession stand after she was working in there.  (she was raising money to take students to Spain)  Again the edict to NEVER TALK OF THIS AGAIN.

A few months ago, when moving her into her new home I found a stash of packets containing taco sauce in her closet.  Someone is a tacaholic.

Do they have a TA for this problem?


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