The Spanish teacher is a tacaholic.  She also happens to be my child.  So the following (although horrible) is a tale that needs to be told.

During pregnancy two (or three?) I was asked to grab something from her purse for one of her numerous offspring.  “Where? What does it look like?” Then I paused. “Why is there half a nasty taco in your purse?”

Ms. W paused “Um. That was from the other night.  I finished most of it.  I guess I stuck it in my purse for later.”

“EWW. You have a problem”

Ms. W informed me that I WAS NEVER to talk  about this again.  She so did not have a problem.

Except that a few months later…”Why does your purse stink?”

Ms. W stopped cleaning a kid “Uh. Well, I guess I left a taco from taco bell in my bag.”

I informed her that this was now a pattern of behavior and could not be overlooked.  She said that I NEVER NEEDED to talk of this again.

But…a few months later I found part of a taco in the concession stand after she was working in there.  (she was raising money to take students to Spain)  Again the edict to NEVER TALK OF THIS AGAIN.

A few months ago, when moving her into her new home I found a stash of packets containing taco sauce in her closet.  Someone is a tacaholic.

Do they have a TA for this problem?


a crap-tastic tale

Ms. W teaches Spanish on the opposite end of the campus from the science wing.  During one of her annual pregnancies she stormed into my room during my planning period “COME HERE NOW”

My mind jumped to the obvious (what did I do that I have forgotten?) and I started to stammer an excuse.

“No, you come here and look at this.” (by this point I was sure I had done something to this raging hormone. I could not remember what.  But I do a LOT of bad things)

So, we walked down the hall (slowly on my part) to see what had sent Ms. W into orbit.  “Look at that!”  So, I looked.  “What is that?”

I replied (relieved on my part. I did SOOO not do this.)  “It would appear to be a turd.  A bit of human feces.  A Lincoln Log as it were.”

She glared at me “Where did it come from?”

I calmly (remember the hormones) replied “Ok. It would appear that the human sitting in that desk had a sneaker.  It came hooping out.  When it was time to go (no, not that kind of go) he/she eased out of the room and the log fell out.”

She (eyes blazing) “I’m going to the office and pull the tape.  I am going to find the person that did that…”

Me: “Stop. Do you really want to know who that happened to?  Do you really?”
A few moments passed “No.  No. I don’t think I need to know”

After a few moments of contemplation we parted ways agreeing that sometimes kids do things that you just don’t need to know.


Jessica Chastain

Friday many of my  students were at the  convention.  some of my students and I had a serious discussion about Ms Chastain’s over-the-top plea for diversity in film. To the best of my ability the following is a thumbnail account of her speech.
“Who is she?”
“Who cares to see her?”
“If she really FEELS that way, maybe she should refuse to be in her next movie. (me?) I mean, let a person of color take her place.”
“Yea, she sounds like a fake”
Have you ever seen her in a movie? Would you go to a movie to see her? (me)
Because she does not look like you? (me)
“No. She looks like she has a stick…”

(me: stop)
So, what did she accomplish? (me)
“Nothing. She just was trying to be great or something. Tell her to stop being in movies if she is so worried.”

The times might be a-changing but teens are not a-changing.  Teens vote with mom and dad’s wallet.  Teens want good entertainment and nothing less.   Teens are not interested in anyone’s agenda but their own.

So, to sum up:  1- teens like good films (unless it is a really hot guy/girl in said film.  In which case all bets are off)

2- teens don’t go see a film due to diversity  (they really don’t care.  And these are teens of all types in this room)

3-teens think if you really meant this you would stop acting and let persons of color take your place

4-Even if you did allow a person of color to take your place, they still will probably not go  (you look too serious)

5-teens would not go see a film based on race (unless it is a Tyler Perry joint or has a Wayans brother in it)

The topic was deemed silly and we moved on to H. P. Lovecraft. He was deemed to be way scarier than Chastain.