for about 13 years I taught the A-HEC program in my home parish. It is a program used to recruit prospective health-care workers to the field. It is a VERY useful program. More than a few of my A-HEC students went on to become: physicians, nurses, nurse-anesthetists, physician-assistants, Rad-Tech, and so on. For an area high in unemployment, high in poverty, and low in hope…this is a great program.
I had a young lady that signed up for the program (we will call her TM) even though I thought she was too sensitive for A-HEC.
Toward the end of the program, we always went out of state to view several autopsies. It is very stressful to most people, but allows many to see if the health-care field is for them. If you can deal with a body…
So, TM walks into the autopsy room and looks around frightened. “Psst, Ms. B, psst.”
I look at TM and she is white around the mouth. I ask “What???? Ask the coroner if it is a question about the autopsy.”
TM looks at the coroner “Are all these people dead?”
Coroner looks at me, raises an eyebrow and says “They better be”
TM “What if they aren’t?” She is looking panicked. I think I have a runner.
Coroner “IF they aren’t dead, they are about to be”
TM calms down and says “Ok”
I think this is the end of the story. No.
We walk into the freezer area. TM has passed into giddiness.
TM “I see Dead People”


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