white and jindal create a new group of “undesirables”

So, John white today stated that there was inflation in teacher scores. It seems that if you are in a school with a “grade” of C…you should make a C.  This is based on students ability to pass standardized tests.  The teacher is not taking the test.

Only a great fool would therefore go into one of the recovery school districts under the aegis of John white.  One can only imagine that ALL of those teachers earn a grade of F.   It stands to reason.

It also follows that all private school teachers would make an A.  The private schools can ask the underperforming, unmotivated, and undesirables to leave. Then we have a system that SHOULD the remaining students be tested…well, they would make as A.   As stated earlier, undesirables are removed.

But the private schools can force undesirables to leave.  Send them to the public schools?  Yes. Then you prove that public schools fail.  Which would make John White And B. Jindal the biggest failures of all.  Both of these were going to improve public education and have had the opposite effect.   They would both earn a grade of F.


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