What ever your hands find to do…

Saturday I was refinishing a piece of furniture for fun. I do this on a regular basis. It is cheaper than therapy. So, I lovingly sand the old finish off. I then sand down the wood to a glow. Beautiful and only a few days of labor.
Today (Sunday) I go outside and start to refinish my piece. Someone smarter than I stops and tells me I am DOING IT WRONG! Like a big goof I listen. I do it a different way. Upshot of the story? I now will have to sand and refinish this piece. The finish looks just like mud.
This really reminds me of what it happening in my school district. Even though I have had a great deal of success in teaching… everyone has a better idea about how to teach Chemistry/physics. I am bombarded with “You are doing it wrong!” It seems that every want-to-be out there (especially the state level) has the BEST IDEA! We are all being force-fed the Kool-Aid.
I love it when people that know absolutely NOTHING about a subject get involved in it.
And yes, I have been a parent, and a grand-parent, and a student, and a teacher. I think I might know more than you. If we keep going down this road, we will all have some sanding, scraping, and refinishing before this mess is fixed.


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