for about 13 years I taught the A-HEC program in my home parish. It is a program used to recruit prospective health-care workers to the field. It is a VERY useful program. More than a few of my A-HEC students went on to become: physicians, nurses, nurse-anesthetists, physician-assistants, Rad-Tech, and so on. For an area high in unemployment, high in poverty, and low in hope…this is a great program.
I had a young lady that signed up for the program (we will call her TM) even though I thought she was too sensitive for A-HEC.
Toward the end of the program, we always went out of state to view several autopsies. It is very stressful to most people, but allows many to see if the health-care field is for them. If you can deal with a body…
So, TM walks into the autopsy room and looks around frightened. “Psst, Ms. B, psst.”
I look at TM and she is white around the mouth. I ask “What???? Ask the coroner if it is a question about the autopsy.”
TM looks at the coroner “Are all these people dead?”
Coroner looks at me, raises an eyebrow and says “They better be”
TM “What if they aren’t?” She is looking panicked. I think I have a runner.
Coroner “IF they aren’t dead, they are about to be”
TM calms down and says “Ok”
I think this is the end of the story. No.
We walk into the freezer area. TM has passed into giddiness.
TM “I see Dead People”


white and jindal create a new group of “undesirables”

So, John white today stated that there was inflation in teacher scores. It seems that if you are in a school with a “grade” of C…you should make a C.  This is based on students ability to pass standardized tests.  The teacher is not taking the test.

Only a great fool would therefore go into one of the recovery school districts under the aegis of John white.  One can only imagine that ALL of those teachers earn a grade of F.   It stands to reason.

It also follows that all private school teachers would make an A.  The private schools can ask the underperforming, unmotivated, and undesirables to leave. Then we have a system that SHOULD the remaining students be tested…well, they would make as A.   As stated earlier, undesirables are removed.

But the private schools can force undesirables to leave.  Send them to the public schools?  Yes. Then you prove that public schools fail.  Which would make John White And B. Jindal the biggest failures of all.  Both of these were going to improve public education and have had the opposite effect.   They would both earn a grade of F.


What ever your hands find to do…

Saturday I was refinishing a piece of furniture for fun. I do this on a regular basis. It is cheaper than therapy. So, I lovingly sand the old finish off. I then sand down the wood to a glow. Beautiful and only a few days of labor.
Today (Sunday) I go outside and start to refinish my piece. Someone smarter than I stops and tells me I am DOING IT WRONG! Like a big goof I listen. I do it a different way. Upshot of the story? I now will have to sand and refinish this piece. The finish looks just like mud.
This really reminds me of what it happening in my school district. Even though I have had a great deal of success in teaching… everyone has a better idea about how to teach Chemistry/physics. I am bombarded with “You are doing it wrong!” It seems that every want-to-be out there (especially the state level) has the BEST IDEA! We are all being force-fed the Kool-Aid.
I love it when people that know absolutely NOTHING about a subject get involved in it.
And yes, I have been a parent, and a grand-parent, and a student, and a teacher. I think I might know more than you. If we keep going down this road, we will all have some sanding, scraping, and refinishing before this mess is fixed.



Years ago I taught this pair of sisters that loved everything about school. Well, everything except learning anything. Gossip? Check. Record? Check. Lunch? Double check.
Every day the oldest sister would ask what was for lunch before 8 a.m. every day she felt the need to inform me of the menu. Every single day.
She had a favorite, gravy. I don’t know why. It boggles the imagination because the “cooks” at that school had perfected two things: rolls (rocks) and gravy (brown paste). They even figured out that the computer in the lunchroom could be used to warn people of the upcoming horrors about to be inflicted upon them.
The first day of October the eldest sister stuck her head in my classroom and excitedly announced “maw B, there are TWO gravy days in October!”
The entire class of students swung their disbelieving eyes my way. I calmly (as I could) said “thank you.”
As she closed the door I informed the class “early detection system.” The entire room nodded sagely.
Gravy days indeed.