The Frogpocalypse

I cannot walk outside at night without stepping around/on/in frogs. The end has come and it is covered in frogs! But…I solved the why
There is a HUGE light outside my home. You would not want to walk into a gator or the local meth dealer in the dark. So, light. The frogs have an all-you-can-eat buffet falling from the light. Crispy fried bugs falling as though it were manna from Heaven. The frogs think we are deities. All hail bringers of the bounty!
On a side note:
The five year old (newly turned) has been chasing the frogs. I have explained (patiently for me) that we need the frogs. The frogs eat the bugs (albeit after they are fried) and have many good qualities. I like frogs. I explained about the ecosystem.
Nevertheless, the five year old has harassed the frogs. She has picked up the frogs. She has held the frogs. I think she is like Elmira on Tiny Toons. RUN FROGS! The mystery of her frog obsession was solved Sunday at her home. She picked up a frog. Her mother said “Put down the frog.”
P (the five year old) sighed and placed the frog on the ground. Looking up at her mother she said (swear to me) “I keep kissing them. So far no prince.”
Yep…we all know exactly how that feels.


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