And finally

My 78 year old dad also had his experience during the moving ordeal with the food chain, animals and Louisiana. He showed the two year old a play snake in the shop last week.
“Now, BZ, we never pick up a real snake it will bite you. It will hurt my baby.”
The two year old looked. He just looked. He is two.
The day after the big move into the house BZ came in a grabbed his mom’s hand. “IS is real?”
Daughter K looked down and said “Is what real?”
K said “Show me this snake BZ.”
Big cottonmouth moccasin was on the pad with the swing set. She did not freak she caught my brother. Brother Duss (still trying to catch Fester the cat) goes out and shoots the snake.
We are all grateful that the two year old listened. Shocked but grateful.


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