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It’s getting crazy up in here…


The four year old

The four year old (P) decided to help the two year old (Z) clean himself up today.  This results in a Clorox moment.  That’s not the story.

“I think I have a disease.” the four year old announces.

“Yes. I think you have hypochondria…”

“OOO, that sounds bad.  What kind of medicine do you think I need?”  the four year old looks VERY excited at this prospect.


“Will it be nasty?  What will it taste like?” She asks


Thank God the four year old cannot read the Skittles logo…yet…


Fun with schiozphrenia

This week I had the honor of cleaning out the area around the bird bath in the front yard. I had to move stones and dig up plants…move the plants…put down mulch.  All because the area “looked off” and I had “nothing better to do.”   What about he schizophrenia?  That comes later.

While in the yard I heard the following exchange between the neighbor and his child “Messy, yo, Messy. Bring yo ass over here.”  I realized I had solved a mystery.  I RAN in the house and yelled for my schizophrenic 30 year old to come down stairs.

“Messy.  You said your meds must have quit working because you keep hearing someone call your name.”  She nodded in agreement with a worried look in her eyes.

“Have you heard the following…Messy, yo, Messy…get yo ass over here?” 

Messy looked wild-eyed at me “YES…How did you know?”

“Because the kid next door is named Messy…and he is getting his ass beat.”  weak, relieved laughter from both of us…

Who says you can’t have fun with schizophrenia?????