then he cut my head off

So…last week was interesting.  I had the right side of my thyroid removed.  Exciting times.  Only…very few people swell and turn black and blue within a few hours of the surgery.  I look like I have been in a losing battle.  It was so bad that the following occurred:

Midnight- I look up to see a lab teach staring at me.  “Dear God. What happened to you?”
Me: “Two words…fight club”

Tech: “Yeah?”

Me:  “No.  Running with scissors.”

Tech: “wow”

Me:  I am too drugged to keep this up.  But, here are the rest of the thoughts that wanted to come out:  1) assisted suicide attempt ,   2) trying to shave my head and slipped,  3)  Frankenstein is trying to create a new monster, 4) had a really bad headache, 5) trying a new look, 6) physician really Picasso.  

Really looks bad.    The four year old said that she could see where they did surgery.  She expressed her concern with how it looks,    If a four year old says you look rough…


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