REALLY Old Numbers

I have the pleasure of escorting my granddaughter from pre-k every day to her home.  Each and every day reveals a new truth, to-wit:

“You are old…” from the backseat

“WHAAAT???  Why do you say that?  Do I have wrinkles? Did my hair color wear off???” Me, panicking

“No.  You have REALLY old numbers.” 

Then I make the mistake of asking what does that mean…

“Well, If you are over thirty, you have old numbers.  Are YOU over thirty?”

Me: “Well, I am almost twice as old as thirty.”

“You mean you are one thousand and six hundred? (remember she is in pre-k and math is not her strong suit)

“Um…sure.  Somewhere around there.” I reply

“See, old numbers.”  Smugly she rests in her booster seat.   

Really OLD numbers…



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