ZOMBIE ( Bourne vs. Cook)

I owe J. L. Bourne A HUGE apology.  I read “Shattered Hourglass” a year or so ago and was Totally Underwhelmed.  I mean, the main characters did NOT save the world single-handedly…(is that a word?)

THEN, I read over the past week the “Surviving the Dead” series by James Cook.  O, the two main characters became cartoon-like  in their abilities.   One (a desk jockey) became a cross between James Bond and Chuck Norris.  The former financial analyst becomes so Badass that everyone better be afraid.    The other (Gabe) was almost God-like in his abilities to ‘ghost’ through the woods, appear and kill the bad guys.  He too is so Badass that bad guys should tremble in fear.    Too bad that some of the bad guys seemed almost like Wiley Coyote.  

I gave up on Cook around book four when the U. S. Army could not save all the poor women.  No, the MC had to go in a save those  poor defenseless people.  People that had already survived the zombie apocalypse without any fighting skills whatsoever.  Pa-ha… This is not to say that all the protagonist were straight, white males.  Some of the good guys were of different ethnicities, socio-economic groups, sexes, and sexual orientations.  No, he covered all the politically-correct bases.  You cannot accuse him of not showing diversity.

What you could accuse him of is asshattery of no mean order.   So, J. L. Bourne, please forgive me for not believing MCs could save the world.  It would take an army.  


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