The free screening…

A bus came to school a few weeks ago to screen for blockages in any main arteries.   I hopped on the bus thinking “wow…I will show them someone in great shape.  Make them aware how a healthy person functions. “

No.  The tech running the ultrasound stops and goes “you need to see a doctor.  There is a mass on your thyroid.”  Right there, I want to run off the bus.  

But…I go see the doctor.  He sends me to another doctor.  Second doctor sends me for another ultrasound.  Second doctor then says “You need a biopsy.”  BUT…second doctor sends me to get another ultrasound.  When I call the second doctor’s office, his people say “Oh, well maybe the tech can take the biopsy.”  

UM, NO.  So, I call the first doctor and explain what has happened.  He cancels that appointment.  He then schedules a visit with a third doctor.  

Third doctor takes a fine-needle aspiration biopsy.   THEN…says “Huh, how many antacids are you taking in a day???”  Turns out that not everyone takes Nexium and then follows it up with Zantac and Tums for a chaser.  Who knew?

Third doctor then schedules me for a Bravo pH study.  While he is in there poking around he finds a hiatal hernia.  Which explains the pain.  

Darn that bus…and the “free” screening…


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