What were they thinking???

Back at the first of the school year, a young man took two people hostage in St. Joseph, La.  One of those held was Ms. Phyllis W’s son.  Ms. Phyllis is Mr. B’s secretary.  She is a gem.  I have come to love her over the past five years…we all have. 

I don’t want to rehash what was done to her son.  It was difficult to watch it play out.  The evil-doer had practiced going into the bank.  There are pictures of him with an assault rifle in a foreign country.   Police surrounded the building, and both hostages were killed.   It was awful and cost two innocent people their lives.  No, I don’t think it could have ended any other way. 

That is not what has me wound up.  No, the officials had promised that whatever they finally determined would first be told to the families.  I looked up from grading papers Thursday to see the one spokesman on TV announcing that “this was just a case of a deeply troubled young man.  That all law enforcement involved were absolved from any guilt.  That it was a forgone conclusion from the time the young man entered the bank…” 

No, not one official had contacted the families.  Not one word was said. 

Tonight, Ms. Phyllis lies in a hospital bed in Monroe, La after having two heart attacks today.  I am hurt for her and her remaining son.  Stress and confusion in all families involved.  All I need to know is “What were the officials thinking?”  Maybe the time to speak is after you warn the family…that is if you really believe what you are saying…


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