In which BZ and I have a miracle

(I have a two year old grandson Baby Zac, and a four year old granddaughter Peeperdoo)

In January a very strange thing happened to me and BZ…we had a miracle.  The timeline goes as follows:

1-  8:00 a.m. I am walking to my classroom.  Reverend Roberts (who has never said one thing to me about her beliefs or anything in four years) stops me.  “I feel the need to pray for you today.  Is that ok?”  I nod.  I’m thrilled for anyone to pray for me.  Heck, I’d pray for me also.

2- I drop my phone into the toilet and have to take it apart.  Before I leave the small town I work in, I call my dad on the school phone.  Dad says the bridge is out near the babysitter’s house.  He suggests I go through Crowville and loop east to pick up BZ.  I disagree.  I think it would be better to pick up Peeperdoo first and THEN loop through the graveyard to get to the babysitter’s house.  (pause)   We do it his way.  He is 78 and determined.

3- I loop through Crowville and pick up BZ.  We head west toward the preschool.  I am driving on the four lane with a La State Trooper on my left.  A man in an older model Chevrolet truck (1978?) decides to make it a five lane.  He cuts between me and the trooper.  I slam on my ALBs and try to control the inevitable crash.

4- On my left is an eight foot ditch with a huge metal drain.  In front is the HEAVY truck with the tailgate down and metal in the bed.  To my left?  The state trooper.   I notice a pathway between two signs in front of me.  Now, If i can hop the curb, miss the drain, don’t flip, don’t blink, I can put my small SUV through the signs.  YEP!  Drove it through the signs like they were a set of uprights.  LIKE A BOSS!

5- I immediately jump out, throw up the all clear sign to the state trooper that has spun around in the road.  I remember yelling “Get that SOB.”  I looked into the backseat.  BZ is still in his child safety seat.  Thank GOD!  He is still holding his blue duck and talking to me.  A lady from Baton Rouge stops and waits with me for the State Police. She has a phone and can call my dad and mom to get peeperdoo.

6-The State Police come back and talk to me.  They need to know if I will file a claim.  I ask “What for? I am fine, BZ is fine.”  The Trooper gives me a strange look and checks on BZ.  I am allowed to go.

7-My dad, husband, kids, and others have gone back to look at the area.  There is no way I could have missed all the signs, the TWO light poles (one in metal), the 2nd Sunday Baptist Church, the Oak tree, the 8 foot ditch.  No wonder the police and the lady said it was the weirdest thing ever.

8-I tell everyone BZ and I were one Yee-Haw away from playing the Dukes of Hazzard.

9-But, I know BZ and I have had a miracle.

10-If Reverend Roberts ever says that I need prayer…I am going to drop to my knees.


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