Steer them in the right direction

Education reform again…

IF Louisiana does not explode into class warfare in the next few years…be amazed.  We have leadership that is funding upper to middle class flight to private/parochial schools.  All that is left at the public schools are those that cannot find a way to travel to the private schools.   

Friday, I was driving past a private (now with students paid for by the State) Christian School.  The car line was all the way down highway 15.  Approximately 1/2 mile of gridlock paid for by my tax dollars.  We have public schools that are nailed to teaching the common core and The La Comprehensive Curriculum.   Public schools are  nailed down to testing EVERYONE.

Testing at the private schools?  No, not tested with the same material for the most part.  Private schools can pick and choose their students.  They can send away those that might pull down their scores IF they are taking more than the magic 29 (or 39?)  former public school students.  

Speaking of testing…The public schools are not being told what the grading target is for the common core. The target is moving even as we aim the students.  It is my belief that we will be treated like Texas public schools were…test comes out, then the rubric.  Suddenly everyone fails.  It is a little like playing the Lottery.  Well, except that no one wins at this game.  

 Public schools are being crucified with testing and measurement.  Public school teachers are being asked to create a silk purse from the proverbial cow’s ear.    If anyone tells you that the private schools are offering a better education…no, they serve a better class of clientele.   There is a direct correlation between socio-economic factors and ability.   The elephant in the room?  Not one person wants to admit that we will fail to teach a generation of ner-do-wells.  

I noted there is a lawsuit in Baton Rouge from a parent of a child who was expelled.  He was complaining about he influx of “lower economic students” being shipped into EBR.  Well, we have to send them somewhere.  The upper class is deserting for the pastures of green promised by our leaders and paid for by tax payers. 

I have worked long enough that I could retire.  Yes, I will probably take a job with a private school.  No one wants to go down with the ship.  So I don’t mind saying that our Leadership in this state is steering kids in the “white direction”…oops, I mean the “right direction.”    


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