A Gawdawful confession

I need to confess to the following:  

Once I did a horrible thing to ‘tha freaks’ and need to confess.

It was a few months after the Columbine tragedy.  We had a free week (no uniforms) for good behavior.  Someone thought it was a good idea to have each grade dress in a representative color.  I thought it was a horrible idea bringing division instead of unity.  

“Tha Freaks” decided that it would be a GREAT idea to dress in all black and wear black trenchcoats.  Their goal?  Scaring all the other students.   “We will scare them all..”   Unfortunately for them the plot was hatched in my room.  

Now, I have always had super-super hearing (Minears disease in one ear causes sudden amplification of sound at times) and it was spot on that day.  I heard the plot, but as these were all gifted students really did not think too much about it.  As the day wore on though more and more students were asking me about “tha Freaks” planned attire.  SOMETHING had to be done.  

I went to all of the OLDEST teachers on campus and explained my plan.  I told my principal my plan.  All agreed  it was either brilliant or an idiots plan.  Either way

The next morning ‘tha Freaks’ rolled out of the two vehicles in their all black attire…Only to see the sight of all of the teachers in all black.  “Tha Freaks’ wilted like flowers.  All their swagger was gone.  The meekly stuck their coats back in their vehicles.  No one laughed.

Later one of “tha Freaks’ asked me if I had master-mined the plot.  He railed against people talking about him and his group.  He said that it just looked and sounded like something I would do to stop a good time.   I said that..no, the teachers were protesting.  He then asked me “What are you protesting?”

I said “Whatya got?”  (yes, students never get the classic quotes)

CS just turned and walked away dejected.  I felt really horrible.  So, now I have confessed.



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