Teenagers do some crazy things…

A few years ago, I had a group of students that called themselves ‘tha freaks’ in an attempt to make themselves seem menacing.  It would have been funny but so many of the slower students were menaced by ‘tha freaks’  brain power.  They may have been menacing to the other students but I lived in fear of what they would do next.  I lived in fear failing to keep a straight face.  Menacing.      All have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, professors, etc.  They were the same age as my youngest daughter and all knew where we lived.  Which has a bearing on the story…

One night (right after Christmas) I heard a knock on the front door.  I heard some sniffling and crying?  My two daughters were both gone and it was just honey and me.  I went to the front door and listened.  The knock sounded again.  I opened the door.

At the door were two of the freaks.  CS  stood with his hand over his ear.  He was attempting not the cry.  The other (DR) looked like he was in shock. “C, what are you two doing at my door?  The girls are not here.” 

“MotherBoothe, MotherBoothe, I need help.”  His hand is still over his ear.  I decided maybe DR had cut CS’s ear off.  I mean, these two could come up with some strange ideas. 

Finally, I convinced him to tell me what was wrong.  “Don’t laugh, and don’t freak…and don’t call my mom.  She is in Canada.  She will be mad if you call her.”  (Help me to keep a straight face)

“Jesus, boy, what have you done???”  Finally, he pulls his hand down, and starts crying.  I don’t see anything. 

“MotherBoothe, DR bet me I couldn’t put a Christmas tree light bulb in my ear… Once I got it in, I couldn’t get it out.   The more I dug, the deeper it went”

Yep, it was in there deep.  Honey came over to look.  Honey went back to the office and got a set of hemostats that had been clamped around a circuit board.  Honey pulled the Christmas Tree light from CS’s ear.  Honey told him to quit doing silly stunts.

I told him to go home and call his mom.  Canada or not.


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