Where is it???

Once I taught a young lad that was a bit of a ditz.  Mom told he would be the next big thing in baseball IF ONLY I WOULD PASS HIM.  I tried tactfully (for me) to explain it takes more than merely passing to make it to the university level.  But, what follows is a true story of one day with Seeth.

Seeth (as usual) had forgotten his baseball uniform, glove, shoes, and everything else that might be useful in a baseball game.  Finally, I relented and allowed him to go to the office and call his mama.  Fifteen minutes later I was just on the verge of making an all call for a missing student. And, what happens?  Seeth knocks on the door.  I stopped teaching and walked to the door. “Boy,  where did you go…South America?” 

Seeth, looks puzzled. I kept thinking “why are you puzzled? You were gone fifteen minutes.”   A few seconds lapse and Seeth replied
“Nope, I went to the coaches’ office in the gym and called my mama.” 

Knowing Seeth, I realized I would not get anywhere trying to explain:  a-why he was only supposed to go to the office, b-why he was not supposed to be in the coaches’ office, and c-why he was supposed to come directly back to class.  No point.  I would have had to explain the same thing to his mama.

Sitting in the class was Seeth’s best friend.  He asked if he could go to the office and let his mom know where to pick him up after the game.  I said that this might be a good idea. 

Seeth’s friend (SR) leaves the room and is gone less than two minutes.  He knocks on the door to be allowed back inside.  I am on the second row trying to help a group answer a question.  Seeth opens the door.  Seeth tries to look grouchy “Boy, where did you go…North America?” 

The air in the room got thin while everyone sucked in a deep breath in horror.  SR says “Buddy, you did know this is North America?”

While plainly Seeth did NOT know this bit of information, he tries to save face.  “Uh, I meant some place more North. You know, like…uh” 

SR, faint but pursuing, “The Artic Circle?” 

Seeth “Yea, that”

Some things are just better not thought about. 


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