Seeth, part two

Less anyone think that Seeth’s lack of geography skills was his only shortcoming, the following story is among my favorites

One day I was attempting to teach Biology II.  I gave each group six sets of DNA to compare.  One set was from a human, one set was from a chicken, one from a horse, one from a chimp, one from a rabbit, and the final set was from a tuna.  Now, really I expected someone to say something about the chimp. 

I observed Seeth getting red in the face.  He squirmed in seat.  He cleared his throat.  “Ah, here it comes.” I thought

His partner, C, was trying to stomp his feet and saying “Shut up, just shut up.” 

I really was wondering what excuse to not work Seeth was going to offer.  “I don’t appreciate this…” He glared at me.

“Excuse me?” I asked.  C is STANDING on his foot by this point.

“NO, I don’t appreciate this.”  He is red in the face.  “I mean this is made up.”

“Well, of course this is made up.  But, DNA is real. You really have DNA in each and every cell.”

“No, Ms. Boothe, I mean this tuna fish.  Everyone knows this is made up.  It is like that stuff you get at Popeyes.”  Seeth is trying to explain.  C has her head in his hands and is trying to cry.

“Chicken, Seeth?  You think they float chicken in the ocean?  ”  I asked

“NO.  It’s like potato salad.  It’s  like that.” He says

“You think they float potatoes in the ocean and call them tuna?” I am really confused by this point, but I am willing to listen.

“NO.  It’s made up.   It’s like that coal (not cole?) slaw.  It ain’t got coal in it. It’s like they put stuff in a can and call it tuna fish.”  C is almost completely in tears.  Seeth is still sputtering.  C is calling him Jessica Simpson. 

I walked to the projector, fired it up and pulled up a picture of a tuna. 

“Hey, that’s a big fish.” Seeth says.

“Yeah, that’s a tuna…”  I just left it at that


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