the tale of OB

Years and years (eons) ago I taught at a small school.  A very large school sent us a “gifted/behavioral problem” student. Although 18 he was in the 9th grade. Our principal was determined that we could help him. 

During the first month OB spent his time making inappropriate comments to each and every female that would stand still. Consequently all the females moved far away.  It did not stop him from making loud comments about what he would do for/to them.  

During the second month OB targeted the very proper southern social studies teacher across the hall.  She complained and the principal ignored her.  One day he showed up with a 16 liter coke bottle and two oranges and stuck them inside his pants.  Mrs J screeched!  She told him to “get that out of your pants.”  You can only imagine what statements this brought forth from OB.  Mrs. J ordered him to the office.  The principal ordered OB to take the coke and two oranges from his crotch area.  He told the principal “You come get it…huh huh huh”  Parent had to come get him.

During the next few weeks he attempted to fit himself with a lock in my classroom.  I just moved people away from him and moved so that I could not see him.  I prayed he would get the lock on his C***.  Maybe that would solve the problem.

The last few weeks of his stint at this school…He exposed himself to the entire lunch staff.  Just whipped out whatever was bothering him and yelled that he had something better than the meal. 

The principal through all of this kept trying to ‘save’ him.  HE finally left because we didn’t treat him nicely.

End of story?  Nope.  Anytime the guy down the hall wanted to upset Mrs. J he just rolled an orange at her door.  She would open it and look both ways for BO. We all did…


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