Mika Molly

Last year someone tossed out a mini-pin near our home.  Although we have a Chihuahua (rescue), a Beagle (rescue), a Shih Tzu, and an aged Boston Terrorist, the mini-pin quickly became part of the household. 

Someone named her Mika Molly after a cabbage patch kid we once owned.  Every night Mika made her way into my lap and barked at anyone that got near me.  Mika established her dominance of my lap, the food bowls, and the front door.  The vet told us that Mini-Pins are very vocal.   Well, that was an understatement.

Every morning Mika twitched all over when she saw me.  She was excited when I came home in the evenings.   I was the alpha (finally) in a house of cast off animals. 

A few weeks ago Mika became ill.  Maybe she was discarded on the side of the road because she was ill or ill-bred.  But, Mika was a loving and gentle puppy.  Mika had to visit the vet several times and then Mika’s kidneys started shutting down.  I called Mr. Boothe and said “Come get Mika and take her to the doctor.  She is dying.” 

Mika made it to the end of the road and did the only quiet thing she has done since we had her.  Mika let out a sigh and passed away.   Mr. Boothe was holding her tiny body when she left this world. 

I hate people that throw away dogs.  Domestic animals don’t survive in the wild or in the country unless they find someone like me to take them in and love them.  And God, it hurts when they go. 


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