The Duck Debacle

Phil Robertson had the audacity to speak his mind in an interview.  Shocker:  You can tell by watching the show that he is (as Popeye would say) what he is.  We have in Louisiana a very free and open society.  Many people do not want to believe this as it is the South…

1- It is a very Laissez-faire attitude that (unfortunately in some cases) prevails the state.   What you choose to say or do is not our problem.  Our problem is how to survive this area and economy.  You can do as you please, we may not agree with you, we just won’t care. 

2-Religious freedom is what brought most of us to America.  Remember that?  Trying to stop others from expressing their religious ideas is a path NO ONE wishes to travel.  Besides, make a martyr out of old Phil and you have a whole new nest of snakes with which to deal.

3-Phil had a crossbow.  Wish I had one.  I killed a cottonmouth on my back porch three weeks ago while holding a small dog.   One of the fields I own seems to grow bears.  The deer are everywhere.  Please, let me tell you I had to fence in ¼ of my home place to protect my dogs and grands from the alligators.  AND I DON”T LIVE NEAR A SWAMP!  I live in Louisiana.  Animals are everywhere. 

Animal husbandry is a science more people need to study.   If someone does not thin the herd, density dependent factors come into play.  Animals starve, or become disease ridden if allowed to over-populate. 

5-My neighbors are all shades of brown.  My neighbors are of so many persuasions, ethnicities, and religions that I don’t notice.  Many visitors to my home have expressed horror at the fact that there are no clearly defined “areas” where certain populations live.  I never realized I needed to notice this phenomenon.

6-I am both a scientist AND a Christian.  I do not find a dichotomy in my beliefs.  One enhances the other. I teach Chemistry and Physics.  I have taught Biology.  No problem.  God is Great, and I don’t try to explain that.  Science tries to explain the natural world from a human standpoint. 

  I can explain many reasons for studying both the bible and science, but, most people don’t want to know both sides of the coin.  Most of us enjoy an insular existence.  Most of us want to be comforted by the truth we know and embrace. 

7-Do not bother trying to change my mind.  It is not closed; I am just no longer interested in the debate.  Let it rage…I won’t care.  To misquote Nanny Ogg:  My mind is so broad I could pull it through my ears and wrap it around my head.

8-Trolls abide.  Speak your truth Phil Robertson.


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