what are we teaching these kids???

Today we began administering midterm exams.  At the end of one period I listened to J.G. explain the following social studies lesson to her cousin CT…

“No, we own that…Because it is in America.”  (I don’t teach social studies, but then maybe no one does)

C.T. seems to not believe we own something.  He says “no we don’t”

By now I am being sucked into the argument.  “We won it in some war. Everyone knows it.”  I can’t stand it.   

“What do we own?” There, I asked.

“Mexico.”  J.G. is so proud to trot out her vast knowledge. We are aghast.  

Finally, C.T. says that no, he doesn’t think so…else why would there be a border? 

Why indeed? 

No good explanation can be found for teenagers. I just went back to working with students wanting help in science. And left the brain trust in the back of the room to prep for their social studies midterm exam.



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