And then the lightning struck

Speaking in the voice of HME “AND then the lightning struck..”  the following is as faithful as I can recreate after 10 years…

We had a gifted and talented teacher that would do some strange things.  She put KB into a large brown box (refrigerator size) and proceeded to kick the box while screaming.  His mom said that was a-ok.  I was worried about my safety.

About halfway into the year she decided she hated teaching gifted kids.  So she got a book of Tesselations and copied EACH AND EVERY page.  Every day we would do math that was unreasonable.  Everyday we prayed for release or even her arrest.  Finally, after months of torture (my mom tried to talk to her) I took matters into my own hands.  There was an unused bathroom off the gifted classroom.  There was a paper towel dispenser that looked to be the perfect hiding spot.  So, while she was out of the classroom, I folded all the hated booklets and placed them into the dispenser.  Sure, I had to open the dispenser without a key, it was difficult. 

For two days she searched high and low.  She threatened and had fits.  But for two days we were free of math that she could not explain.  On the third day we walked in and she announced that we would start over.  She had a very evil glint in her eye.  She had reprinted the book and added work to it.  My friends and I ran for the bathroom announcing that we would look for the booklets. 

Hands shaking, I opened the dispenser.  NO BOOKLETS!!! Just then, her shadow fell over our tiny bodies.  THEN the lightning struck…

“Obviously I have found the papers, now start over”  


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