“Ear Cancer”

AN came back from his weekend with an ear that looked like it had been put through a paper-shredder.  He came through the door 35 minutes late with blood, sweat, and tears.  I thought a badger had attacked him in the parking lot.  Which is strange as we did not have a badger problem.

“Dear Lord, AN, what has happened to you now?” I asked  

With a ragged sob, he said “Ear…”  

“Yes, I see your ear is red, purple, and bleeding. I also see snot and tears. What I don’t see is a reason for what has happened to you”

AN finally mumbled “I have ear cancer”

“DEAR LORD…what doctor did you go see?” I yelled

“Didn’t see a doctor…” AN is still mumbling

“You have ear cancer…(nod, nod)…You didn’t see a doctor? (nod,nod)   HOW do you know you have ear cancer?” I really ask the question, I am not sure I want the answer

“My dad said I would get ear cancer…and I did.” AN is a 17 year old basket case, crying in front of his teammates now.

“AN, what did you do? Why did you develop ‘ear cancer’? AND how did you dad diagnose this condition?’  I am wanting to laugh. Can’t laugh…

“My dad told me not to pierce my ear.  You remember I went to ‘Vegas with my brother?  I pierced my ear.”  The words are now spilling out of AN in a gout “I hid it for two months.  Then, this morning I got up and felt a knot in my ear.  IT WAS EAR CANCER!  So, I mashed and mashed and mashed until some stuff came out of my ear.  Do you think I am going to die?”

“AN, unless ignorance is a death sentence, you will live.  You basically just ripped scar tissue out of your ear.” I was trying to talk as calmly as possible.

“YES, BUT AM I GOING TO DIE???”  AN pants out this question.

“Yes, someday.  But, I don’t think it is today.”  


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