When You Don’t Win Them All

Adam would have been 35 this year. 

When I met Adam, I hoped to save him from his issues.  His grandmother (with whom he lived) had been my librarian.  She and I talked about Adam frequently at school.  I wanted to save him for her, heck I wanted to save him for me. 

During his senior year my principal sent Adam and about 20 others to Angola for a tour of the facility. It is the Louisiana equivalent of the Scared Straight Program.   Many other schools in the state sent students for the same tour.  An inmate on death row was speaking and pointed out Adam and his gal pal.  Out of all the hundred of students that day he said “Within one year, you will be where I am now…or you will be dead.”  Adam’s gal became so afraid that she broke up with him that day.  I hoped that would get his attention.

Adam did not listen.  He targeted a young lady two grades below him and showered her with attention (well…and drugs).   KG fell for Adam and his bag of drugs. KG followed Adam’s lead.   She walked the walk and talked the talk of the tough kid.  One Sunday morning a few weeks later a student called my home crying to tell me that Adam had a wreck and that KG was dead.  Adam had flipped his car upside down in a deep drainage ditch, killing KG instantly.  Adam was in the vehicle for 8 hours with her before daylight revealed the wreck.  He died a few hours after the emergency personnel cut him from his seat belt. 

A small school allows you to bond with students, parents, and grandparents.  A small school allows you to ‘rejoice with those that rejoice.’   A small school does not allow you to forget you don’t win them all. 


One thought on “When You Don’t Win Them All

  1. Amie Volentine says:

    I have truly enjoyed reading your blog!!! A lot of these people/initials I remember quite well!! And the antics from high school have kept me laughing…but this one made me cry…I remember the first day KG came to us..I remember hanging out a t my house and convincing her to join the pep squad so we would have more hang out time…I remember her first big crush from the football team in that school and I remember when she went from being my friend to being his girlfriend…I remember conversations in a certain teachers class about how his antics were changing her and telling her that his behavior would get her hurt one day…I remember watching her go from a sweet fun loving girl to a party girl…I remember the phone call telling me that she was gone…I miss my friend but she was gone as soon as she gave up that crush after a first date with Adam… Thanks for all the memories…good and bad!!

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