That’s what sheets are for…

Once upon a time, I taught a fairy princess.  Ok, this student was a fairy princess to her father (the doctor) and her mother. For the first 1/2 of the school year, I attempted to get the fairy princess to be good to those around her.

Two weeks before Christmas break, the good knight (victim) I paired with the fairy princess tried his hardest to placate her during lab.  As only a knight could he valiantly attempted to melt the ice around the princess.  Finally realizing that she loved to talk about herself he asked what she would be receiving for Christmas.  “A new car, duh…” was her reply.  Finally, I decided she was thawing when I heard her ask “what are YOU getting???”   The good knight said that he was getting a spray-in-bed-liner.  The princess put on her haughtiest look and said “Duh, that’s what sheets are for.”

It took me a good five minutes to school my features into a neutral expression as he explained a bed-liner was for a pickup truck.  

To this day, when I know I am teaching a fairy princess…I hear “that’s what sheets are for” 


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