Education Reform

I have lived through (now) three “education reform” pushes.  The first was while I was in grade school in the 1960’s.  I was in a gifted class with learning centers.  We wandered  through the day doing projects and creating understanding.    I remember playing school ALL DAY while at school.  When I entered high school I did not have the skills to:  do simple math, construct a proper sentence, or read for understanding.    But… education was reformed!!!

Years later I went to college in the 1990’s (after working for a few years).  Again, reform hit.  I had a prof (Barker or Baker) who hated everyone that did not agree with her agenda.  It was a deconstructed writing class.  Again, we passed around each other’s papers and did cooperative group-think.  I remember going on to graduate level classes and cursing her name.  That’s right, the professors expected me to write cohesive, well thought-out, grammatically-correct sentences.  NOT the c$%p that the deconstructed prof had (laughingly) said she was teaching.

Now,  years later…Education Reform.  That’s right.  Let’s play.  Let them talk about how they feel about the lesson.  Tell you where this will get you…Students will graduate without a clue of what, who, when, where, or why.  Some will be resilient enough to survive.  Many of the graduates will not have the skills to hold a day-to-day job.  Why?  Not one employer will hire someone that requires hand-holding and play-acting. 

The circle comes and goes.  Real teachers teach.  Education reform advocates fall out of favor.   And sooner or later, someone’s  child will be left behind. 


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